Wednesday, June 23, 2004



My first entry.

Welcome...and all that.

To tell you the truth, sitting before the pc to write this feels like a roller coaster ride. Or rather, that moment when the chains and the motors are going clunkclunkclunkclunkclunk as the roller coaster train (or whatever it's called) is pulled slowly, slowly up the iron peak.

Just before the CRACK! when the train is released down the rails, when gut and breath are both left behind. Way behind.

They say that people ride roller coasters to feel great. The same way people who scream their heads off and spill the drinks and the popcorn while watching horror flicks feel great.

Maybe it's all about facing the fear that makes things like theme park rides, flicks and baring one's very soul out to whoever might come across this url on the internet feel great.

Surviving the fear is cathartic. Therapeautic.

Or maybe, it's all just about the thrill, the pleasure of the ride. Simple as that.

Either way, this blog is up whether I'm ready or n--


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