Thursday, September 09, 2004


I dedicate this entry (from the bottom of my tummy)to compulsive eater.

Food courts are a godsend for creatures like me who are too lazy to bring a packed lunch. And by the stampedes heading for the food courts during lunch time, it's safeto presume that there are a lot of lazy creatures such as myself.

Found in certain office buildings and malls, food courts allow customers to conveniently pick the hot (or at least 'warm') meal of their choice from any of the dozen or so establishments.

Now, if only they'd put in better exhaust systems so that we don't end up smelling like a dozen or so kitchens for the rest of the day.

thanks duskie :)
Choosing lunch is an excercise on courtship, really. Sensual, seductive and oftentimes fulfilling. Until 4 hours later when you start craving for more. Gaah.
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