Saturday, April 16, 2005


The young dentist (well... a year or so younger than me, I think) inquired if I'd be needing a cleaning when I entered her office.

Judging by the pain that had been tormenting me for several days, I knew that she won't be able to return to her Yahoo Messenger cum web cam session as quickly as she hoped.

By the time I left her office, the day had started to fade. My dentist's computer had long gone to sleep.

And I was missing a wisdom tooth, and spitting blood every few seconds.


On the way home (not that far, really - the clinic is just next door), I marveled at how my petite dentist had managed to exert so much effort pulling my molar out with her pliers-thingie. I'm quite sure her biceps had grown significantly after our session. For a time, it had seemed that she'd end up pulling my skull out through my mouth. But if that had happened, I probably wouldn't have felt it thanks to the anesthesia.

Which had started to wear off.


I took the pain killers that had been my new, good friend for the past days. Sitting still on my bed as I waiting for it to kick in seemed like a good idea. Though every so often, I had to get a handy plastic bag and...


Ice cream suddenly was a very appealing idea and I headed for the fridge. Rocky road. But I didn't want to be picky.

As I sucked the ice cream from a spoon, careful not to get nuts or marshmallows into the new, toothless hole in my gums, I tried to remember what the dentist said I can't do for the next few days.

Can't lift heavy stuff. Can't smoke. Can't eat fishy food.

I vaguely wondered if sex (or those lines) was okay, since she didn't mention it. Calling a lady dentist to check if it was okay for me to whack off felt wrong on several levels.

Oh well.

Guess there's one way to find out.


err...i don't think sex is a good idea right now. That gum might throb (apart from that other thing hehe). And you will get a headache from it.
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