Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Saw Banzai Cat's (thanks man!) virtual pet and I just had to get one of my own. Heh.

Problem is, I can't quite work out how to make it pop up higher on my side bar.

Ah well.

To meet mah pet, scroll down...



Harrr! You're welcome man! :-)

So that's how the tiger looks like. And look, if you double click it with the mouse, it looks like it's scratching him (her?).
Hahaha! Yeah. It comes with nice purring sounds, too. Heh.

Oh, thanks for mentioning the dragon anthology in your blog. Sounds interesting.
Not a problem :). Interested in joining?

*tests the purring sounds*
Yes. Very interested.

Though I have yet to figure out how to give those tales a frsh spin. ^_~
kamuka mo si yuki. hehe. :P
Oh you have a blogpet na rin! Yuki should meet Chenalyn.

Linked you up, btw. :-)
Hope you don't mind.
Not at all! Thanks.

Linked you too. ^_^
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