Thursday, June 24, 2004


Bought a big box of tea - well, tea bags - sometime round the week my resignation kicked in.

I had acquired the habit of having tea (blame the last few droplets of English blood in my veins...the ones that didn't dribble out during those nasty nosebleeds when I was a kid) on an almost daily basis. Usually on those evenings when I wasn't having beer. Figured getting the big box was a great idea, since I wasn't sure when I'd be able to afford this particular luxury next. And I was hoping that having a hundred tea bags would be enough to carry me through up until I get a new job and a new box.

Flash forward to now.

With most of the tea bags gone. And with me still very much a bum.

Though I'd like to pretend that I'm running out of tea way faster than I expected because I was simply drinking less beer.

The big box is now a cardboard hourglass by which I can gauge the length of my unemployment. It measures the time not with sand grains but with tea bags. Never filling back up. Just draining away as days, weeks and months fly past.

Which is why, at this moment, I'm having a mug of coffee.

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