Thursday, June 02, 2005


The rain fell as I walked along Makati Avenue last night.
And just as suddenly as it began, the downpour trickled away by the time I reached the bridge connecting Makati to Mandaluyong. Somewhat drenched (though my head, thanks to a generous helping of styling wax in my hair yesterday morning, remained relatively dry), I made my way across the concrete span.

As I reached the middle of the bridge, I heard the burst of fireworks from the riverbank behind me.
I turned.
To the left, blooms of light kaleidoscoped among Rockwell's steel and glass towers. On the right side, the horizon dominated by the hulk of Makati Cityhall was lit up with flashes and color.

For a moment, I stood still on the deserted, rain-drenched bridge to watch the display before continuing my journey home.

The only things missing were beautifully written narration, some subtitles to go along with the V.O., and poignant musical scoring.

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