Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The overcast sky makes it look like it was 6 PM instead of 6 AM as I drive through Makati. Streetlights automatically switch off by the row. I keep the headlights on and make my way home through roads populated mostly by taxis empty of passengers. I turn up the radio to drown out a certain tune playing in my head.

A possible case of mild food poisoning had been the party pooper for December 25, 2007. I realize that even a day after Christmas, it could still cause enough trouble for me at work.

As the first droplets of rain spatter across my windshield, the DJ over at NU plays that song by Ben Folds Five.

And I grin, and I give in to that certain tune playing in my head.

hmm. must be a sight to see -- the lights flicking off -- as it you are dumbledore with his put-outter (did i get that right? hahaha! basta yun na yun)

happy christmas, sir. i hope you had a good one.
Merry Christmas!

May your holidays be bright and free of mild food poisoning. ^_^
grabe, pinabayaan na ang blog ^_^ Mag-post ka naman!
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