Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Somewhere, in a parallel universe I am:
… in a British colony because the English fleet happened to be the one to defeat the Spanish armada.
… on the train to a concentration camp because the Allies lost.
… licking the fur on my paws in a world where humans evolved from dogs.
… wondering if I could ever leave the frozen wastes of Luzon and head for the Siberian tropics.
… running among the ruined buildings of Ortigas, rusty firearm in my hand, fighting in a decade-old civil war.
… trying to regain control of the second-hand hover car that lost power high above EDSA.
… female…and had shaved my head instead of growing my hair long.
… at a diner booth, having a burger and a thick milkshake in a world that got stuck in 1955.

In some other reality, I:
… took Psych in Ateneo instead of Comm Arts in UST.
… dropped out of college and joined a band.
… convinced myself that slicing my wrist wasn’t such a bad idea.
… recently got a civil wedding.
… am an aging fast food crewmember wondering how much grease I could stand.
… am a priest wondering if my vows had been worth it.
… finished picking up litter in a New York park.
… have been stuck in traffic since 8:30, late for work with my son who is very late for school.
… just received papers filing for a divorce and am asking if anyone knows a good lawyer.
… decided to stay in television production and am working on one of those cheesy soaps.
… gave in to my doubt if I had what it takes to be a copywriter and opted to be an AE instead.

In some other truth, I never stood along Pasay Road one particular night.

Brilliant! Now I'll going crazy trying to figure out which are nuggets of truth. But I enjoyed each and every one of them.

Very nice writing!
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