Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Dread rushed into my brain even before I raised my head from the pillow. Shit. Dread had probably been slithering around the dream that had been forgotten as soon as I woke up.

Friday night had found me unable (well...it was more of unwilling, actually) to complete several requirements for work.
And the specters of ignored Job Orders followed me home.

They whispered in the cab. Wailed in my study. Moaned in the shower. Rattled chains in the silence of my room.

Monday. They were all needed by Monday. Before lunch.

By the glare from the windows, I could tell it was way past nine.

I had overslept.

Specters go poltergeist.



I realized it was only Sunday.

insomniac-like sleeping? -- i hate sleeping whilemy brain is still darn active...
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