Thursday, October 14, 2004


Speakers blaring out pop music and discjockey drivel are essential to the jeepney-riding experience. Every so often, a...bonus comes along.

Like last night.

A bespectacled yuppie-in-training (still years away from the coveted company car plan, I presume) got on the vehicle and sat quietly opposite me. Until whatever pop station the driver had on played Hoobastank.

Yuppie boy closed his eyes and, with much gusto (and volume), began to sing along to The Reason.

Never mind if he didn't know all the lyrics - he figured he can always catch up near the ends of the verses anyway. Never mind if he didn't know some of the lyrics at all - those parts, he was content to whistle along.

Now, if anyone ever doubted that Pinoys are musically inclined folks, I guess this is proof enough.

hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahaha!!!! wish i could have seen it.
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