Friday, March 03, 2006


There is this guy I'd see among the regulars in the Makati-bound shuttles. He looks like the quiet sort and usually wore decent, collared shirts.

More often than not, he'd have a set of notes with him. Eventually, I discovered that he was learning Japanese. I thought this was a very admirable, productive way to spend the travel time that would otherwise be wasted on staring outside the vehicle windows and trying to ignore the horrid pop station drivel on the radio.

Up until the morning I saw what he was trying to learn in Japanese.

They were along the lines of: You have pretty breasts.

And: I like your buttocks.

Talk about lust in translation, eh?

Hah! It's like being in an internet cafe and the guy beside you is trying to be surreptitious in downloading porn. ;-)
tee-hee. at least nagagamit nya nga yung language in a more baser way :-P
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