Sunday, April 23, 2006



Unfortunately, it's not the clear blue sky over Mindoro or Batangas.

It's simply the view outside my room at the second floor.

And while I may have nice summer skies to watch, the sights come with scorching summer weather -- but not the sparkling, gloriously cool bodies of water that make putting up with this sort of scorchy, summery weather worth it.

There isn't a beach for miles. And if there are any swimming pools in the area (if -- I've lived here all my life and I'm pretty sure there aren't any), the pool-owning neighbors aren't sharing (or even talking for that matter).

The only time there'd be a decent amount of water beneath this cloudless view is when my dog Bud is being hosed down. The weather's too hot for a big dog with a black coat.

It's too hot for the dog's owner.

I promised myself I'd save up for an airconditioner. I just hope I can scrape together enough pesos before I fry (or, more likely, sweat) to death.

Until then, I have no choice but to seek refuge in the shower.

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