Sunday, April 16, 2006


Two processions reenacting Christ's trip to Calvary met on our street last Good Friday. Group A was marching from the Eastern end of the street. Group B had just arrived at the western end from the main road. Both groups were made up mostly of teens dressed in various Biblical wear (wigs, robes, veils, plastic Roman helmets and so forth), visibly sweaty in the noon sun even from the second floor balcony where I was perched. Both groups were, of course, bristling with the usual wooden spears, short swords, shields and leather whips.

Group B moved to a side of the street so Group A could march on. But when the Group A Christ passed (complete with thick, curly wig and heavy wooden cross), he was pounced on and flogged by (a-haha) strapping lads from Group B.

Perhaps it was all just a product of way too much zeal. Or perhaps it's something that happens when kids are handed whips during Holy Week: a Pavlovian reaction of sorts to scourge anyone they see with a cross.

Then again, maybe it was just way too much marching under the sun.

'Romans' in yellow capes and shiny gold breastplates had words (and a reprimanding whip) with 'Romans' in red capes and black, leather breastplates. And, after making sure their Christ was okay and available for whipping by his own team, Group A moved on.

hahahahaha :P feel na feel noh?
Shucks. And I thought they were going to get it on, Jets vs Sharks style! :-(

Now that would be fun: street-fighting dance-style ala West Side Story but everyone's dressed like Jesus Christ Superstar. :-D
nice contemporary way of getting into Hpoly Week, i'd say. :-P next year baka me song and dance na....
I could picture the fight
a-la "Beat It" Music Video, by Michael Jackson.

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