Thursday, February 14, 2008


It seems like I was just wondering where my holidays had gone when, all of a sudden, people were walking around with crosses of ash on their foreheads (some of them probably with no idea why they do). And I got to have a plate of tikoy for the Chinese new year -- even if my family isn't Chinese, or, for that matter, neither was the neighbor who gave the tikoy.

And now, delivery boys bearing...well...bears and flowers are back on the streets. While the red cartolina cut-outs of hearts, victorian lovers, and winged infants armed with projectile weapons are back up on store windows.

The days sure had flown for the first few months of 2008.

The paydays, however, did not.

hey! sorry i made maun miss your bday ha. heheh. kailangan ko kse ng reinforcement sa baguio. i hope you had a good one. cheers!
*dito ko na to nilagay kse parang weird kung dun sa sniff ko ilalagay.
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