Tuesday, June 29, 2004


"It tastes like...elementary!"

So I exclaimed when I got a mouthful of Jack n' Jill Potato Chips. Don't worry, I was with friends at the time so I haven't started talking to myself. Yet.

I'm usually a Chippy guy. Which is why when I do have Potato Chips on those rare occassions, the salt on my lips and the distinctive flavor on my tongue instantly gives me a flashback. I am taken back to those years when I'd be in my elementary school uniform (t-shirt with the school logo, dark blue shorts and any pair of shoes - a perk of being in a double curriculum institution) and my apple-cut hairstyle, having my baon of Potato Chips along with a tertra pack of orange juice during everyone's (yes, even the nerds for they used this time to study some more) favorite subject.

Idly surveying the sun-drenched campus that would be my world for more than a decade.

Looking back on that time of great innocence and of near-epic simplicity, I realize that I have come to know a fundamental truth at an early age: I didn't like orange juice with my Potato Chips.

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