Friday, October 29, 2004


It was well past his bedtime, but Timothy remained wide-awake. Timothy was known as the school’s Prince of Pranks and he was thinking of a nice new trick. For it was almost Halloween and it would be a shame if the Prince of Pranks had no pranks to play.

From his bed he stared up at the ceiling. And thought…and thought…

And then…

The Prankster Prince grinned wide like a cat.

He threw off his blanket and leapt from his bed and rummaged through his drawer. After a little while, he took out not a rubber spider, not a bucket of slime, not even his plastic vampire teeth, but a flashlight. A plain old flashlight.

Timothy put the flashlight into his knapsack. Then he leapt back into bed and was soon sound asleep with a smile.

The next day at school, in the middle of class, the Prince of Pranks asked for permission to go to the little boys’ room.

Now the little boys’ room had a high narrow window (to keep naughty boys from hopping out to skipping class). So when the lights were switched off, as Timothy just did, and when the door was closed, as Timothy also just did, the little boys’ room was quite dark.

Satisfied with the creepy effect, Timothy opened the door a tiny bit and peered through the crack to wait for a victim.

Lo and behold! Walking down the corridor and up towards the little boys’ room was Billy the Bully. A worthy foe for the Prince of Pranks! As Billy’s heavy steps got nearer and nearer, Timothy closed the door and got ready.

He stood in the gloom, just beyond the door. The Prince of Pranks aimed the flashlight under his chin and switched it on and made such a frightful face. And waited for Billy to open the door.

Billy ran away much too fast, and screamed and screamed much too high for a respectable bully his size.

The Prince of Pranks laughed ‘till he cried in the darkened room for his prank was a roaring success!

And then Timothy stopped laughing all of a sudden when he remembered what the bully screamed over and over as he ran: Billy screamed ghosts, not ghost.

'Tis the season . . . hehe. Ayos. May utang ka pa sa kin ghost stories, pre. Meron din akong bago. More production crew creepiness. Hehe. Happy Halloween.
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