Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Aside from eating up what was left of the long weekend, having to reformat my PC at home plunged me into a day of introspection.

I had to go through hundreds of files hastily transferred into a borrowed back-up drive. In them, I was confronted with the remains of games long uninstalled from my system – saves, campaign maps and audio files that have since lost propose and meaning; downloads both naughty and nice (with about 90% predictably on the naughty side); documents from forgotten projects; several stories, most of them in need of decent endings or even substantial middles.

Then I had to install various programs and drivers. It was a bit of a shock doing this all at once for, as with the case of my printer and scanner, they had originally entered my system one at a time. I also realized that for some, like my email account, the cd installers I had were obsolete because newer versions and upgrades had automatically been downloaded through the span of years.

The general effect was that of flipping through a photo album, or, more accurately, cleaning out an old wallet. The last few years of my life, told with frozen ones and zeroes, flashed before my eyes.

My pc became some dusty specter from Dickens that showed me what I had become. Or what I was turning into. It was an unsettling analogy that made me realize just how much the world had changed while I remained blissfully stuck somewhere around 2001 and 2003. I had seen the signs these past months, but chose to ignore them: being too comfortable watching movies alone or having lunch by myself, not minding if a Friday night was more often than not spent at home, accepting being solitary and single calmly, almost graciously.

And all the while, the people who mattered in my life had moved on, acquired new or simply different priorities. Met new people.

Sure, they’d hear from me from time to time. But then, I was turning into a revenant. An abandoned website still up on the internet. A lifeless program that will have the answers but only for the right questions. A shadow from the past. An ancient whisper lingering in a cavern.

Time to reboot.

You're not an abandoned website mind you. Definitely not a shadow. ^__^
Pre, gusto mo pabugbog na natin yung cono-ba-o-bakla? Hehe.

Nice one, specially the last line. Nice first chapter for a story perhaps?
Mashado ata akong relate sa mga obsolete na progs at reformatting... Buti ka pa, nakakapag-back up.


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