Thursday, December 02, 2004


Five people stood before the ATM vestibule (or whatever they call it) while a lady made a transaction inside. When she left, the three people next in line happened to be together, so they went inside all at once. 'The more, the merrier' may be the idea behind this.

Now, I was left with two more individuals before me. One was a woman in dire need of friendly advice that all the whitening cream she gobbed on her face would never do if it was cosmetic surgery that she actually needed. The other one, I had mistaken for an ugly female, but turned out to be a male (mah bad!). They didn't move closer to the vestibule entrance, I was uncertain if they were actually waiting for their turn, or just finishing their hip plastic cups of coffee as they small-talked outside the building.

So I asked if they were in line.

"Yah," replied ugly woman/man, and they moved closer to the entrance.

Wit that "yah", I knew they were the petty, vindictive sort who'd take offence at my cutting into thir little chat. I prepared myself for acts of revenge that would range from anything between delaying tactics to peeing on the ATM machine.

They opted for delaying tactics, and tried to take forever in the vestibule.

Since I was prepared for that, I contented myself with watching office girls walk past. I knew that they would have to piss out alll the coffee they drank sooner or later. Besides, I had a pack of cigs that could last me half a day.

A security guard peered into the vestibule to see what was keeping them for the line behind me was getting longer.

I asked if he could shoot the two. Apparently, he wasn't allowed to.

Eventually, the two came out and tried one more little stunt.

They told the guard that the ATM had no more cash.

I told the guard I'd like to try just the same.

Within a minute, I was able to complete an incedent-free transaction.

"May pera ba ser?" asked the guard when I emerged from the vestibule.

"Meron," I replied. "Tanga lang sila."

Try harder, you ugly fuckers.

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