Monday, April 24, 2006


Still half-asleep, I dried the knife I had just washed before slicing some ham for breakfast. I remember thinking that nothing could jumpstart a Monday morning like some ham and toast.


Ham. Toast. A nice mug of coffee.

Then, the stainless steel knife blade flew out the wooden handle.

Obeying the Law of Gravity (as well as the Law of Murphy), the blade plummeted sharp tip down towards the general direction of my sandaled left foot.

I had a second to either move my foot away, or think that someone must have broken the knife and then simply stuck the blade back into the handle hoping no one wil notice.

Being early on a Monday morning, I did the later and not the former.

The blade's tip, contrary to a huge number of odds, landed on my toenail (on the toe right next to the big one). And then, thanks to all the extra Tiger luck I could use up for the morning, or tough nails, the blade bounced off.

No puncture. No blood. No chipped nail. Just a slight soreness.

I got another knife and made breakfast as planned. Though I was wide awake by then, I still had my mug of coffee for the look of things.

* * *

For the next few hours after this incident, the song in my head was Mack The Knife.


guess that would wake anybody up.

ok sa LSS ah ;-)

Ganda ng RENT noh? hehhehe

It had five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear. Heh.

seasons of love indeed.
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