Sunday, July 25, 2004


Never was fond of Sundays. There are Sundays that are almost in the league of those classic a boring sort of way. Even for the more common Sundays like this one, I actually get something like a dull depression around the late afternoons and early evenings. 

Normally fun activities - such as going out to the coffee shop to meet some friends - end up feeling oddly like a chore.

Maybe I'm simply not used to having Sunday activities. Unlike some (or is it most?) families, my relatives never had those regular Sunday brunches or barbecues that lasted until dinner. Or maybe they actually do: it's just that I never went.

Who knows?

Fact remains, Sunday makes me...oh...melancholy.


Is Sunday depressing because it's a universal (more or less) day of rest? Or has Sunday simply been appointed day of rest since it was depressing anyway?

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