Friday, July 09, 2004


One of my teachers began a lesson with this story about a vampire. Maybe you've heard this before.

A vampire bit someone and made that victim a vampire as well. Then the two of em bit a person each, and so there were now four vampires. Then these four vampires again bit a person each...and so on, and so forth until the vampiric hordes exceeded the human population of earth (and man, would this planet suck!).

Nice story for elementary students, eh?

Now while I had seen through her little scheme and realized all this was simply meant to make multiplication interesting for us (it obviously didn't work on me), I did remember the story.

And I sure am thinking about it now - because my friend William now has his fledgeling blog right here! Woo-hoo!

Used to be considered just a bad influence. Now, it seems that I'm a blog influence as well.

I want to suck more blog!
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