Tuesday, July 06, 2004


That used to be unthinkable. If anyone from my batch had tried that, he would have ended up uncomfortably seated before the vice principal for discipline. Who, if I remember it right, had been my math teacher.

Not anymore, so i heard. Don Bosco Technical College (etablished 1953, Pro Deo Et Patria) has gone coed.

As a second generation Bosconian who had spent 11 years in this(former, if my info's correct) exclusive school for young gentlemen, I say: why on earth didn't they do it earlier?

Now I'm really not sure if that would have affected my life in a good or bad way. But I suppose things could have been a lot more... um ...interesting. Back then, the maroon bass guitar (which I miss!) had been my best incentive for going to school.

Well, at least this generation of Bosconians might have a better chance at having a prom. We never did. So I never got to find out if I'd manage to put a corsage on right. Or if I'd end up sticking my poor date's boob with the pin.

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