Sunday, July 04, 2004


Guess I should apologize in advance.

Never thought of myself as a poet. It's just that...early this morning, maybe around three or four, I woke up with silvery moonglow on my face, and this poem in my mind:

i may never be able to
hold you
your heavens are beyond my

i may never be able to
call you
my own because your
beauty is not deserved by
a mere man


i admire you as now i do
from afar and
content my heart with gazing at the
resplendence that can inspire
demons and madden angels

and i wait

for you to grant me a visit
as i dream and
grace me with a whisper
of your presence
that leaves mist-kisses

it is only during these moments
that our
dividing distance
is stripped of all

you make me wanna cry
Er...I sucked THAT much?
what's up with that?!
moonglow came my way too and shook me.
Must be the werewolf in my bloodline. *sniffs* least the moon shines over Singapore as well, eh Luez? Heh.
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