Thursday, December 16, 2004


December 15, 2004

As soon as I got back from a meeting, I decided to start scouting for Christmas presents. It seemed that everyone else had the same idea. The malls were so full that I was exhausted simply by making my way through the mob that seemed to begin right outside the office building.

So, like Jack from the beanstalk story, I ended up getting something other than what I originially set out for. Though in my case, Magic Beans were replaced by Ragnarok Credits.

For the duration of a cig, I stood by a Park Square trash can to contemplate my next move. The MRT was certainly packed. Experience told me that bacuase it was a pay day and the beginning of the holiday frenzy, cab drivers would once again feel like deities in their chariots that flew like the wind and smelled of vanilla air freshener - they will be VERY VERY picky about which hapless mortals they'd honor with a ride. And I was suddenly too tired to walk.

With my magic Ragnarok card in my pocket, I ended up in Yoshinoya to replenish my energy and rest my feet. There, I managed to finish a quick dinner, and, in proof of true chopstick mastery, a coffee jelly with a trembling hand (perhaps due to hunger, or exhaustion or both).

I then walked to EDSA and got on a bus. There, I was confronted with the sight of a forlorn hopia (baboy) underneath a seat. My contemplation of the hopia on the grimy metal floor was interrupted by the conductor's announcement that we must transfer to some other bus. No reason really. We just have to. So I got off my seat, somewhat relieved because a ghastly pop song had begun playing on the radio.

Of course, I got to finish the last half of said ghastly pop song in the other bus I got into. No lost hopia there. Instead, perhaps to add more excitement to an otherwise dreary ride, this bus had small spotlights blazing inside.

I turned away from spotlight-glare and tried to sit comfortably. It was going to be a long (and bright) ride through an EDSA choked by all the traffic around the malls and rimmed by crowds with multiple shopping bags.


'Tis the season.

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