Monday, December 06, 2004


Thanks to the nasty weather of late, putting up the Christmas lights in our yard was already somewhat overdue. Though it had rained most of the afternoon, I decided to start wrapping the shrubbery (santan plants - heh) with lights last night.

It began to drizzle once more, but I continued putting up the lights for the impending holidays, feeling like a holy man that had long lost his faith, but remained faithful to the rites. Besides, the lights felt pleasantly warm in the cold rain and the fragrance of wet leaves and grass was just precious.

Then, it rained harder. I had been determined to finish putting up at least a string of lights, so I kept on working. But after I had been mildly electrocuted twice (Yeah. Twice. I'm a stubborn bastard. And going to a high school with electronics classes has boosted my immunity somewhat. Oh, and don't try that at home, kiddies!) I decided to call it quits.

Guess I'll put the lights up tonight.

If it doesn't rain.

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