Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Though February has 28 days most of the time, it lasts longer than April.

April disappears faster than a plastic cup of water spilled on a shimmering black asphalt road around three o'clock on a cloudless afternoon.

Unlike March, April never gets to hear the final gasps of a dying schoolyear. April is the zenith of the summer vacation. It is the unused alarm clock, the school shoes gathering dust in a corner, the long afternoon naps, the idle wait for anything worth watching on tv, the family vacation. It is hanging out with the pals, digging up the porn from underneath the bed (well...digging it up more often), the late night phone calls, the group trip.

But then, all too soon, it's May -- the month that has the stale classroom breath of June down its neck.

April is the long wait for Holy Week vacation. Holy Week itself. And the days following Easter that are spent wondering where the holiday had gone.

April is a triple scoop ice cream cone that's starting to drool. April is a two-hour roadtrip. April is the last night on the beach. April is a mind-blowing orgasm.

April is a lauriat dinner where the almond jelly is brought in when the peking duck course is not quite through.

hay. Sobrang tama.
So true. April is also the month when we starve ourselves to death in the hope of fitting into our swimsuits.
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