Thursday, May 18, 2006


It began to drizzle as I was on the way to UP.

By the time I met up with Kitty at the campus library, the rain drops were noticably bigger. And when we reached Beach House for her birthday lunch, it was pouring.

The day before, I had been looking at the sun-scorched water lilies on the opaque, plastic bag-infested Pasig River. Thinking of how nothing, not even plants surrounded by water the whole time, escaped the brutal heat.

But, as we sat down to have a late lunch at the Beach House, the torrent thundered on the tin roof, the view beyond the windows was washed out by sheets of silver.

I'd like to think that, at that moment, the season changed.

And we were there when it happened.

Uy! Beach House . . nostalgia!

Masarap pa ba ang barbecue? Woudn't know and can't find out these days. Hehe.

Nice one, BTW.
i miss UP tuloy. shet gusto ko mag sunken garden with kits..garams at kape!!!
curious kitty - Thank you.

dodo - Salamat. At, oo, masarap ang barbecue. Heheh.

wanderlust - Yayain mo lang. Lakas ka naman kay Kitty. ~_^
kitty and fran had coffe without me :(

btw, tell her she's really pretty. (^_^) --- like your piece. very nice. parang di ngkwekwento. iba talaga pag talentado sa pagsusulat. kudos
Salamat pow. ^___^
well written, vince. very poetic and evokes the right mood. nicely done. na-imagine ko na kayo ni kitty dun. :-)
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