Saturday, July 17, 2004


A nice young couple, high school kids perhaps (or petite college students), stood beside me this afternoon. Like me, they were on the curb, waiting to cross from Greenbelt to Greenbelt. It had just rained and the pedestrian walk had puddles in some places, and what can be considered streams in others.

As a car carelessly sped past, one of its tires rolled over a puddle in front of the couple.
The boy hopped before girl to keep her from being splashed by filthy water.

It may all seem a bit Elizabethean.

But that little gesture is simply the sweetest, most gentlemanly act I've witnessed in ages.

This brought to mind the sweetest thing I've seen in years- I had just dropped off my mum at Citibank; it was raining cats and dogs then. I saw this couple crossing the street, and the guy was holding a folded newspaper over the girl's head to keep her from being wet. Futile attempt, yea, but oooh, it was so sweet. Yea they still looked like drenched cats but I was honestly touched by the whole thing.-- dulcinea
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