Wednesday, January 05, 2005


2004 is dead and gone.

And I miss it about as much as I miss whatever I flushed down the toilet this morning.

For me (and I think for some of you as well), '04 had been a year that contained different kinds of deaths in various aspects of life. Be it on a global (well...regional), typhoon-battered, tsunami-drowned scale. Or on more personal levels.

Like work.




Things seemed to change overnight.

It was like some prince found the sleeping fairy tale princess, woke her up with a kiss (and then some), and stripped away the...gloom-spell death shroud that hung over the kingdom. A kingdom where I seem to have been a subject of.

The first day of the new year, I was suddenly drawing again. And drawing for the pure pleasure of it. Then, it was an evening out for some beer in an almost deserted Ortigas - a pleasant and most welcome contrast to the madness of the holiday rush.


2005 seems to be off to a good start.

For this entry, I'll leave you with something a friend sent me last January 1. I think it's pretty much in the spirit of this blog:

To kinder gods and fiercer loves.
To brief jealousies and even shorter griefs.
To wine.
To tea.
To sunsets and coffee.
To family, friends and country.

And from me: May 2004 be your worst year ever.

Happy new year, everyone.

Wow, patingin ng drawing. :-)
Happy new year, Mr. Duskwatcher.

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